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Felix Baumgartner

In English we are currently researching Felix Baumgartner and his amazing skydive from space.


In less than 100 words write some of the facts that you have found out about Felix, show your knowledge and use technical and higher level vocabulary.

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Board Games


We are designing board games in Maths and have been evaluating some in class.

What is your favourite board game and why is it so good? What would be a good Maths theme for a board game?

Add your comments below. Thanks 🙂

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Year 6

Persuasive writing

In Literacy we have been focusing on writing persuasively to sell products and houses, writing pitches to persuade people to give us money and writing brochures to persuade people to go on holiday.

Year 6 Challenge.

In 100 words (only 100 words) write as persuasively as possible to persuade Miss Bray and me not to give you any homework after SATs.

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