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Aspiration Week


Aspiration Week starts on the 16th June and we want to know what your aspirations for the future are.

Is there a job you would really like to do? Is there a person you really admire and aspire to follow in their footsteps? Which skills do they have? What did they have to do to achieve their dream?

Post your ideas and comments below.

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Vicious Vikings


Hello 3 Alder

You now know what our new topic is this term.

Can you remember which country the Vikings came from?

What would you like to know about the Vikings? Can you think of 3 questions?

I look forward to reading your questions Mrs Shah

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         If you would like to find out more about rivers you can click on the icons.

     River animals                             Rivers and Coasts                    Great river information


                       When you have looked at the sites, please send me a blog and

                                                   share your new learning.




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Groovy Greeks

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Ancient Egyptian Weblinks

  Welcome to Ancient Egypt  

Click on any of the images . They will take you to some super (and safe) websites.

You can use these to carry out your own research and then you could share  some of your new learning with others by posting it as a comment.


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