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150 Responses to Learners to Senior Leaders

  1. A Iqbal says:

    Dear Mrs Shepherd,
    I cannot believe I understand level 10 on live mathletics. I have a high score of 8 and did it all by myself. I am also a speed demon. During the holidays I was 24 in the UK and 48 in the world then I was 36 in the world and 18 in the UK.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      Wow! What fantastic results. You have worked so hard on your mental maths skills no wonder you’ve achieved such amazing scores. Keep up the great work.

  2. A Iqbal says:

    Dear Mrs Shepherd,
    I am really looking forward to SATs next week but I am also very nervous. Can you please reassure me that it will be okay.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      Please don’t worry. I know you have worked really hard and will do your very best. Just imagine yourself achieving that Level 4 or 5.

  3. N Azeem says:

    Hi Mrs Shepaherd, I can’t wait for Teachers Have Talent – when is it? Also it will soon be Copthorne’s Got Talent. Mrs Gamble’s birthday is tommorrow – 9th of May – she’s going to be 38. Marriya in 6 sycamore said that she 38 and she was right and even I said it.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      So glad you are looking forward to these exciting events. Teachers Have Talent in at the end of June ad I know that your teachers are busy preparing their acts. Happy Birthday to Mrs Gamble.

  4. A Iqbal says:

    Dear Mrs Shepherd,
    I am in Year Six.Can we have a different end of year trip this year? In Year Six can we discuss whether or not we want to keep the trips or if we want to change our trips to some where else like a Safari park or a different theme park like Alton Towers? It would be even better if you came along with us. At the end of the year my friends and I thought about having something like a prom. It won’t be the American styled prom it will just be a prom after school where everyone gets together for the last time and we all talk and listen to music whilst there can be a little ‘all you can eat’ buffet. I was thinking that, to remember all our teachers by, we could make a card where all the teachers in the school write a little then and stick their pictures next to it. It would be really nice if we could do all these things. Please reply as soon as possible and I hope you read this. Sincerely yours, Alisha from 6 Chestnut.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      Thanks so much for your question, Alisha. Of course you can discuss whether Year 6 would like a change of trip or not – just have a word with Miss Bray and Miss Nelson and ask them to organise the discussion at a suitable time. This fits really well with the work you are doing at the moment about balanced arguments: perhaps you could suggest this as a theme for you all to write about?
      Thanks for asking me to go along on the trip with you – I know I’d have a wonderful time as it was great spending the night with you all when you went to Hawkshead. I’ll do my best but can’t promise as it depends on the work that needs to be done on that day.
      I really like your idea of the card and I’m sure it’s something we can do? Have you seen any Year Books? These do something similar to what you’re talking about. Have a look on the internet and see if you like the idea. If so, have a word with your School Councillor about having this introduced.
      As to the prom we have already been thinking about doing something similar and will give Year 6 details of this nearer the time.
      Keep your comments coming Alisha and have a great week.
      Mrs Shepherd

  5. A Iqbal says:

    Mrs Shepherd, on Mathletics I am 7 from the top 100 UK students and you wanted us to be recognized as a good school.

    • A Iqbal says:

      Yesterday I was one of the top 100 worldwide students. I am hoping that more people go on Mathletics so that we can be the top school but we will have to work hard because the top school with 1,358,892 points is a school in Saudi Arabia.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      That’s fabulous news, Alisha. Well done! We will be celebrating your hard work this week. Yes, you are really helping Copthorne to be recognised as a great school. Keep up the great work.

  6. Aribah Ayaz says:

    This year for the British heart foundation I think we can do sponsorships to raise more money!

  7. A Iqbal says:

    To Mr Darr.
    The test that is coming up for the level six paper – is it about what we already know or what you taught us?

  8. s ghafoor says:

    Dear Miss Shepherd,
    I’m think that last year when you said we are going to have sleep -overs more often so can you just fill us in on when that is and where it would be? I suggest that we could have a sleep over at school and just enjoy ourselves and the sleep over could be on the weekends. In addtion to that we could also have a go at being a kind of head teacher for a day. You could pick someone from each year group/class from year 3-6 and then that person gets to be headteacher for a day and he/she gets to do anything they want to. If you want we could disscus about this on in your office.

    By Sundus G!

    • A Iqbal says:

      Sundus, I think that it should be one person from Year Six then it moves down. But we will need help being Head Teacher for the day from the actual Head Teacher – Mrs Shepherd. The sleepover should be first only for girls then only for boys. The sleepover should all be on your decision Mrs Shepherd because you are the Head Teacher. For the sleepover we should be able to stay up later than usual and it should be on the weekend.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      Hi Sundus, the sleepovers will be after SATs and, yes, they will be held on a Friday night. I think Aribah has answered your questions really well and I know that Miss Kneeshaw has a clear plan for ‘takeover’ day which will involve children working alongside certain members of staff – including me! It’s all very exciting!
      Mrs Shepherd

  9. s ghafoor says:

    I think that’s a great idea it will help to ensure children that there safe around water and that they are confident to swim. In addition to this, Mrs Shepherd, I am going to Hawkeshead I just feel sorry for my friends. Thank you for thinking about this, I hope we will have fun and work hard in the future as much as we have in the past!

  10. s ghafoor says:

    Dear Mrs Shepherd,
    In Year 6 I would reallly love to go swimming again and I’m hoping that this year we will also be going ice skating. I was really sad last year that we did not go. I was thinking that you should give Year 6 a chance to show you that we can sit on benches.So please really, really, really think about that.
    On the day of Hawkshead I think that it is not fair that the rest of the people don’t get to do something so maybe they could not do work while they’re in school or they should not come to school at all. Miss I was thinking that maybe we should hold a stall to raise money for the school.
    P.S please think about all the things that I have said.
    Thank you
    By sundus

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      Dear Sundus,
      Thanks so much for your ideas. I am so pleased that you enjoyed swimming in Year 5 and I know that you have become a very confident swimmer. The good news is that, like you, all the children who are now in Year 6 learnt to swim last year. However, this means that we now need to teach Year 5 children to swim and, so, unfortunately we are unable to take you swimming this year. I hope that you will try to go swimming with your family at the weekends as this will make you an even stronger swimmer and is great fun! We will soon be receiving some money from the Government to help us to provide even more PE activities and we are thinking about using some of this money to introduce swimming lessons earlier and for longer. For example, we would start the lessons in Year 3 and carry on until the end of Year 5 – what do you think?
      As to Hawkshead, I am sorry that you are not going but please be reassured that the children who are going will be learning all the time that they are there. Lessons will carry on as normal for those children who are not going but I am sure that they will be as interesting and enjoyable as usual – children certainly cannot miss school whilst others are away: you would miss your learning and we’d really miss you!
      In answer to your question about the benches, Sundus, we have thought very carefully about that. We believe that it is fair to allow all classes to earn the reward for behaving so wonderfully during assemblies. This reward can, of course, be earned by Year 6 too. I look forward to seeing your class there very soon.
      Great idea about a stall to raise money – that’s exactly what we will all be doing at the Autumn Fayre next Saturday. I am really looking forward to seeing the stall that your class will be running.
      Keep your ideas coming.
      Mrs Shepherd

      • A Iqbal says:

        Mrs Shepherd what is the special thing that we do in Year Six? We did swimming in Year Five, Forest Schools in Year Four and I can’t remember the rest.

  11. J Naser says:

    Because some people from year six can’t go to Hawkshead, I had the idea that maybe they can have a sleepover at school: the boys one day and the girls another day.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      A great idea, Juwairia. We’ll do our best to organise that.

    • Farah Malik says:

      I totally agree with you, I mean it wouldn’t be fair if the other people at school had to work whilst the other people went out and had fun. They could do lots of fun things like: play outside for the whole of the afternoon or maybe have free time all day.

      • Mrs Shepherd says:

        I hope that all of you are having fun whilst you are learning every day, Farah! It certainly seems so each time I drop in to your lessons.

  12. J Naser says:

    Hi, Miss.
    In Year 6, after our SATs, are we going to just chillax and enjoy the rest of the year or are we going to do more lessons?

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      Hi Juwairia,
      Thanks for your question though I think you can guess the answer! Year 6 is about so much more than your SAT tests. We all think that these are very important and want you to do your very best as it is a chance to show everyone just what you can do. However, all through Year 6 – both before and after the SATs – you will be learning so much to help you with your life ahead and to keep your love of learning alive. We don’t want you to miss any opportunity to learn new skills and ideas and so, no – there won’t be ‘chillaxing’ but yes -we will be doing our very best to make sure that you enjoy the rest of the year by continuing to make your lessons fabulous!

  13. S Ghafoor says:

    I want to go Lightwater Valley beacause it has rides and that is the best thing. I am looking forward to it after my SATs to take all the stress ofF my shoulders with a bit of adrenalin! And, personally, I think a safari is boring! No offence, Alisha:)

  14. S Ahsan says:

    When are year 6 giong to have that sleepover?because I am very excited about it!

  15. S Ghafoor says:

    Ok, I look forward to it!

  16. A Iqbal says:

    Dear Mrs Shepherd,
    Could we have a day where we pretend to be Victorians or whatever topic we are doing? For year 5 we could do it when Victoria became Queen Victoria. We could have Victorian styled food and we could wear costumes to look like we are Vikings or Victorians. We could have lessons like they did in the Victorian times. For example, they used to use chalkboards and ink pens and chalk and a small handwriting book.
    Ps:Please respond with all your thoughts.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      What a great idea! I would really like all of you to be involved more in planning exactly what you would like to learn about and do as part of the Creative Curriculum so please pass these ideas on to your teacher.

  17. A Iqbal says:

    Hi Miss, for our end of year trip in year 6 could we go to a safari park? Also, please could you tell me what class I am in next year. Now I am in 5 cedar and I almost forgot my new teacher too.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      We’ll have a chat to all of our Year 6 pupils at the start of next year to find out which trip they would prefer: the safari park or Lightwater Valley. The decision will be in all of your hands.

  18. S Ghafoor says:

    Dear Mrs Sheperd,
    In Yr 6, instead of going Lightwater Valley we could go to the Alton Tower Resort. We could get a fast track and go on the newest ride with 14 loops it’s called the Smiler. I am only worried about the certain amount of height allowed.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      Hi Sundus, Alton Towers does look exciting though I have to admit that I don’t think I’d be smiling on the Smiler! However, there are great rides at Lightwater Valley too and it’s easier and nearer to get to so you can have more time there than you would at Alton Towers.

      • J Naser says:

        My brother went to Alton towers (from 8am to 7-30pm) but he only got to go on 4 rides because of the queues. I think I’d rather go to Lightwater Valley as well!

  19. N Azeem says:

    We could have a sleepover and everyone can bring food and when we play games we could give one pound.

  20. Miss Kneeshaw says:

    Hello everyone,
    There are a lot of fantastic ideas on this page. Please pass these ideas to your school council representatives so that they can feedback to the school council in our next meeting. The chair and vice-chair will be meeting Mrs Shepherd this week to discuss some possible ideas for the future.

    Miss Kneeshaw

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      The meeting with the School Council reps went really well and I’ve been given lots to think about.

  21. S Ghafoor says:

    Dear Mrs Shepherd,
    When we’re in Y6 will we be going Lightwater valley? How much will the residental cost? Will we have a sleepover? It would be great if we could have a sleepover at school. In addtion to that we could also have a go at being a kind of head teacher for a day. You could pick someone from each year group/class from year 3-6 and then that person gets to be headteacher for a day and he/she gets to do anything they want to.

    By Sundus G!

    • A Iqbal says:

      I would also like to have a sleepover. Maybe we could get out the I Pads and we could have one sleepover for the boys and one for the girls.

    • Juwairiah says:

      So long as it’s not too hectic, Sundus!
      Juwairiah 😀

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      Have a look at the rest of this page to find out about our exciting plans for sleepovers! Yes, Y6 will go to Lightwater Valley next year as their reward trip so that’s something else to look forward to.
      We’ll have a really good think about the Head teacher for a day idea – it would be great but needs to be very carefully organised!

  22. S Ghafoor says:

    Dear Mrs Shepherd,
    My cousin at Horton Grange Primary School went to London in Year4 and now he is in Year5 and he is going Spain! Can we do something like that? Please think about it and respond.
    By Sundus G.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      Hi Sundus, thanks for your ideas. I knowthat Miss Rosindale and Mrs Tatham want to book a Y5/6 trip to London next year during which we intend to see a West End show so that’s somthingto look forward to. As to going abroad, some children from Horton Grange won a competition to take part in a Comenius visit to Spain. The Comenius programme is a way of linking with other schools around Europe and learning from each other. We are waiting to find out if we have been accepted onto the programme. If so, we will be linking with schools in countries which include Cyprus and Romania. This will allow us to take Copthorne pupils to lots of amazing places. So, fingers crossed!

  23. A Iqbal says:

    I am so glad that my friends in 5 Cedar got through in Copthorne’s Got Talent. The judges were great.

  24. A Iqbal says:

    I meant this year as well!

  25. A Iqbal says:

    Dear Mrs Shepherd, could we have a day where we all raise money for school or could we have a mile run in Horton park this year too?

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      I like these ideas – keep them coming! Have a look at the previous blogs on this page to find out about the fund raising ideas we have planned.

    • Farah Malik says:

      Yes, last year it was really fun and energetic. I think we should do this more often because I think that PE is a very important subject. Please reply back.

  26. N Nadeem says:

    Dear Mrs Shepherd

    Thank you for organising another residential before we get to year 6. My favourite part of the Ilkley Moor trip was when we all sat down and ate our lunch and I love it when me and my friends shared our stories together.

    By Nimrah Nadeem

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      That’s lovely, Nimrah. What did you tell stories about and what did you learn most about from your Ilkley visit?

  27. S Ghafoor says:

    Dear Mrs Shepherd,
    We could have a Fun Day.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      Hello Sundus. This is a great idea. Year 6 will soon be preparing a mini Summer Fayre so this will be something else to look forward to. We are also planning a Community Fayre/Fun Day with a Sports Theme for September.

  28. N Azeem says:

    Dear Mrs Shepherd,
    We could have a sleepover party and we could have games.Everyone can pay 1 pound. Also, can we have food?

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      Thanks for your suggestions. I love the idea of games as part ofthe sleepovers. Have a look at the other posts on this page to find out what we are planning.

  29. J Naser says:

    Dear Mrs Shepherd,
    This year, Copthorne’s Got Talent was great! I think that the judges were excellent as they thought we were absolutely amazing at singing. We got through and my friends and I were totally gobsmacked!
    Thanks anyway for everything 😀
    Juwairiah Naser – 5 Cedar.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      Congratulations, Juwairiah. I am so looking forward to seeing the show. I am sure you will do a great job.

  30. I Mahmood1 says:

    Hi Mrs Shepherd, could you please pass this message onto Mrs Tatham. My sister, Imra Khan in 5 Cedar, – her blog username and password do not work and she is missing out on all her homework and she really needs to thank you.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      I have passed the message on so hopefully, Imra will soon be able to access the blog.

      • Mrs P Tatham says:

        If you can use a normal email address, or if your parents can send me an email to I can reset the user name and password and send you an email. I cant send it on the blog because everyone will be able to see it and use it. It wouldn’t be e-safe!!
        If not Imra can do her work on Word and then I can add it when it has been done. Hope that helps.

  31. N Nadeem says:

    Dear Mrs Shepherd, this year I really enjoyed Ilkley Moor – it was fabulous and it is all thanks to you. I would like another trip staying for two nights like the residential.

    from Nimrah Nadeem

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      I am so pleased that you enjoyed your visit to Ilkley Moor. All of your teachers work hard to plan visits that you will enjoy and that will help you to learn about the subjects and themes you are studying.
      I always enjoy spending time in Ilkley and, especially, on the moor – it’s so vast and rugged. What was your favourite part of the day, Nimrah?
      The Year 3 residential was a wonderful opportunity and it’s good to know that you’d like another one before you get to Year 6. We’ll see what we can do.

  32. A Ali says:

    Dear Mrs Shepherd, Mr Jacques and Mrs Whalley,
    I hope you are having a great holiday and are enjoying yourselves. Thank you for the things in school you provide for all of the students in school, you all have a smile on your face and it brings happiness to us.
    We’ll be happy to see you bright and early on Tuesday morning.
    yours sincerely
    Sidra Akhtar Aneesa Ali

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      Thank you, what a lovely message. I hope that you are enjoying the holidays. I saw Mrs Whalley yesterday so know that she is having a great time, as am I, and I’m sure Mr Jacques will be too.
      We all look forward to seeing your smiling faces next Tuesday morning.

  33. I Khan3 says:

    Dear Mrs Tatham,
    Here is our new learning. The vikings age in European history was about AD 7000 to 1100.

  34. H Amin says:

    Dear Mrs Shepherd,
    For the last term would it be possible to arrange a football tournament for our year?
    Hamza Amin

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      Great idea, Hamza! Please pass your suggestion onto Mr A Khan as he organises our Exceed sports competitions.

  35. A Daud1 says:

    Dear Mrs Shepherd, can we have more trips? Also, can all the classes have a sleepover at school? Please, please. Thank you.
    Also, please can we have exciting lessons at school and whenever it is
    hot can we please, please have 1 or 2 ice creams and even the dinner ladies and the
    visitors and the teachers? Please, please – you’re the best teacher in the whole world. You are the best. Love from Aisha Daud.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      Hello Aisha, there are lots of requests here.
      About trips: Have a word with your teacher and tell him about the additional trips you would like to have included. It would be really useful if you explained how you think each one will help your learning.
      Making all lessons exciting is something we are always working hard to do. Again, it would really help if you could talk to your teacher at the end of lessons and suggest the ways in which the learning could be made even better next time.
      I really like the ice cream idea and I’ll pass your suggestionon to Mrs Ramsden to think about when she is planning summer menus. 2 ice creams though, Anisa ??

  36. I Elahie says:

    Dear Mrs Shepherd. Thank you for being our Head Teacher and doing so much for our school. We appreciate everything that you have done for us.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      You are very welcome. Thank you for the lovely message. It is all of you who make it such a pleasure to go to work each day.

  37. S Ghafoor says:

    Dear Mrs Shepherd,
    I would love to go Ice Skating like we used to every year from Year 3 when Dame Naila Zaffar was here. I REALLY enjoyed it and look forward to it every year. So please think about it and respond.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      Thanks for the message, Sundus. I know how much you enjoyed ice skating and we have tried very hard to fit it into this year’s planned PSHCE Week. We have so many other amazing things in store for you that, sadly, we won’t be able to fit it in this time.
      However, I think a trip to the ice rink would make a great class reward during the autumn term. What do you think? Perhaps your class could write a letter to the managers of the Bradford Ice Arena explaining what you want to do and asking if they would support the school with this. It would be a great opportunity to practise your persuasive writing.

      • J Naser says:

        Dear Mrs Shepherd,
        As me and Sundus are in the same class, please can we work on the persuasive letter together?
        Juwairiah Naser.

  38. A Khan3 says:

    Dear Mrs Shepherd
    Thank you for making the blog, I really like it.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      I am so pleased that you enjoy the blog. I love reading all your comments and ideas. Thank you.

  39. S Tahir says:

    Dear Mrs Shepherd,
    Year 3 would really like to have a sleepover at school.Please bring some food.

    From Sadiya Tahir

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      Hi Sadiya, thanks for your suggestion. Have a look at the other posts on this page about sleepovers as these explain our future plans.

  40. J Naser says:

    Dear Mrs Shepherd,
    To raise more money for our school, we could have little stalls at the end of the day in the hall, selling things like stationary, writing pads or even mini footballs! We could buy them from cash and carries with discounts and then sell them for a couple of pennies more!
    We could even have more events, planned by our school councillors and run by students from Year 5/6, for the community. EG: Things like what we did on the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations Day. It could cost £1 per person or something like that.
    Juwairiah Naser – 5 Cedar

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      Great suggestions, Juwairiah.
      From September, the School Council will have their own budget to spend on improving our school and I will be meeting with their representatives soon to discuss their ideas. I hope that we will be able to run a Summer Fair at the end of this term where, like last year, Year 6 will design and run stalls. I hope to open this to the whole community.
      Keep your ideas coming and make sure you pass them on to your School Council representative.

  41. J Naser says:

    Dear Mrs Shepherd,
    Could we have books in our class room and in the library with more pages and more popular authors? I like the combination of different authors and books but as I like books from authors like Jacqueline Wilson I tend to rather look for them!
    From Juwairiah.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      It’s great to know that you enjoy reading so much, Juwairiah and I love hearing your ideas about how we could improve our library and reading areas. Have a word with our librarian, Miss Zaman, about the types of books you would like to see more of and she will make sure that it’s taken into consideration when ordering new books.

      • J Naser says:

        Dear Mrs Shepherd,
        Where could I find Miss Zaman? We only go to change our library books every Tuesday and I have never seen Miss Zaman there?

        • Mrs Shepherd says:

          Miss Zaman, works in 6 Sycamore each day. You can also find her in the library before school begins each morning and then after school until about 4pm. I hope that helps.

  42. J Naser says:

    To Mrs Shepherd,
    You have been so lovely all the time through we have had you! Could we have our school a bit more of a grand and home look so we can learn as well as relaxing at the same time (but not too much relaxing!) ?

  43. J Naser says:

    To Mrs Shepherd,
    Could we use the IT Suite and IPads more often?

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      Hi Juwairiah, I am glad that you enjoy using ICT to help you learn. Every class has the same amount of time in the ICT suite each week and then there are extra slots that your teacher can book. The I Pads can also be booked at any time by your teacher. Have a word with Miss Rosindale about how you would like to use the extra time in the ICT suite/with the I Pads.

  44. J Naser says:

    Dear Mrs Shepherd,
    In Year 5 we have not been going to enough trips. I am suggesting that maybe they can be a little bit more fun than the previous years at school. Some of the trips can be, for example, having a look around a different city for the day or even doing a pretend mission regarding the subjects we are doing in our classes (maybe the Greeks or Tudors).
    From Juwairiah Naser – 5 Cedar

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      Hello again, Juwairiah. Thanks for your comments. I know that you have already been to the Colour Museum, the Industrial Museum, the Media Museum and had the Ancient Greek Experience in school for a day this year and I hope you enjoyed each of those trips/visits. If you have ideas for alternative trips that link to the work you are/will be doing then have a chat with your teacher and I’m sure that your thoughts will be given very careful consideration.

  45. J Naser says:

    Dear Mrs Shepherd,
    When Mrs Tatham was teaching us how to use our school blog, she said that we could tell you all our ideas what we think we could do. She said it could be anything like: we could have a sleepover at school with tents in the hall with spotlights and beanbags. The girls could have it one week and the boys could have it the other week. Maybe we could order pizzas and chips and have a few games whist some people are in the IT room.
    Could this possibly be one thing that we could have?
    From Juwairiah Naser – 5 Cedar

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      Hi Juwairiah,
      Yes, the sleepeover idea is one we are introducing. Have a look at the other posts on this page for the details and let me know what you think.

  46. J Naser says:

    Dear Mrs Shepherd,
    On Moshi Monsters, they are holding a contest saying that you have to design a Moshling. The first prize would be £500 worth of art supplies for your school, a hand-drawn illustration of your Moshling framed, signed by Mr Moshi and a bag of Moshi monster goodies. There will also be 5 runners up and they will receive the same, except for the hand-drawn illustration. It would be really good if we won this because we could buy lots of things: paint, coloured pencils or felt tip pens ETC.
    From Juwairiah Naser – 5 Cedar.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      This sounds like a great competition, Juwairiah. We are working hard at Copthorne to improve everyone’s Art skills so this would be very helpful. Please can you pass the details to Miss Bray. Thanks.

  47. S Khan3 says:

    Dear Mrs Shepherd.
    You are the best teacher. We all appreciate you.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      Thank you so much for this lovely message. I hope that you all know that each member of staff at Copthorne thinks that all of you are very special and believes that there are no limits to what each one of you can achieve. We think you are amazing.

  48. S Tahir says:

    Dear Mrs Shepherd

    I want to tell you how much I am delighted. Thank you for our school because we are learning a lot of work about the Vikings.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      Thany you for your lovely comments. It is all of you that make our school so special. I am so pleased that you are enjoying learning about the Vikings but they seem very vicious – what do you think?

  49. I Elahie says:

    Dear Miss Shepherd.
    After the holidays we are going to learn about Viking York and thank you for Copthorne’s got talent.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      Thank you for your message. I know that you will have wonderful time at the Yorvik Museum. Perhaps you can produce a blog to tell everyone about what you learn once you’ve been there?
      I am so pleased tht you enjoy Copthorne’s Got Talent – I really look forward to it each year and I am always thrilled to see the amount of talent that we have in our school. Have you entered this time?

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      Did you enjoy the visit to the Jorvik Museum? I love all the work you have been doing in class about it – the shields are amazing. Which part of the museum did you enjoy most?

  50. A Ahmad1 says:

    Dear Miss Shepherd,
    You are the best teacher in the world.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      What a lovely thing to say – Thank you. I think all the teachers at Copthorne are very special and I hope that you enjoy every minute of your learning with them.

  51. S Akhtar1 says:

    Dear Mrs Shepherd

    Thank you for having a smile around school and helping Year 3
    in their work.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      Thank you for your lovely comment. I remember mentioning in my blog a couple of weeks ago that it is so lovely to see all of you coming in to school each day, smiling and how happy that makes everyone feel . I am so glad that you appreciate my smile too – it’s easy to smile working at Copthorne.

  52. A Khan4 says:

    Dear Mrs Whalley, Thank you for listening to us. Thank you.

  53. I Elahie says:

    Dear Mrs Shepherd, I like Copthorne Primary School a lot and I have learnt a lot of things. Our new topic is Vikings and I have learnt a lot about Vikings.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      I am so hapy that you are enjoying school. We want every day to be a great one at Copthorne. The Vikings are so interesting to study aren’t they? What is the most interesting thing you have learnt about them so far?

  54. M Kasim says:

    Dear Mrs Shepherd,you’re the best in the school. By Kasim

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      That’s a very sweet thing to say, Kasim. I think you are all wonderful and I know that each member of staff thinks so too.

  55. A Khan4 says:

    Dear Mrs Shepherd, you helped in our work. Thank you.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      Thanks for your kind comment. You are welcome. I know that you all work very hard and we are all here to help you in any way we can.

  56. S Majid says:

    This website is amazing.

  57. S Majid says:

    Dear Mrs Shepherd,
    Year 3 would like to have a sleep over and please bring some food.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      Thanks for your suggestion, Sara. The sleepover idea is a good one. We are trialling it with Year 6 next half term and then will think about introducing it to other year groups next year. Yes, there will be food!

  58. M Hamad says:

    Dear Mrs Shepherd, you do so much work that I would like to thank you by giving you a day or a week off.

    • M Hamad says:

      Dear Mrs Whalley,
      You have been working really hard so I would thank you by giving you a day or week off .

      • F whalley says:

        That’s very kind of you Hamad. I’m not so sure Mrs Shepherd would agree with you though.

        • Mrs Shepherd says:

          I think that’s a lovely idea, Hamad. Like everyone at Copthorne, Mrs Whalley does work very hard so I think everyone should have a week off – How about 25th May to 3rd June?

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      Thanks, Hamad. I know everyone at our wonderful school works really hard. I think we should have a week off from the 25th May to June 3rd. What do you think?

  59. A Daud1 says:

    Dear Mrs Shepherd, you are amazing and thank you so so much. Every Friday can we have chicken nuggets, ketchup and paninis please, please? Thank you

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      Thanks for your lovely comments, Anisa.
      Although I know how much you like chicken nuggets and paninis we cannot provide these for school lunch every Friday as they are not healthy enough to have regularly. Your school lunches have to be made following very strict guidelines about the amount of sugar, salt and fat that they contain each week so we can only serve chicken nugets and paninis once every couple of months.
      Mrs Ramsden and the catering staff are working very hard to make a big range of tasty, healthy meals for your lunch and I know that, if you give them a try, you will really enjoy them. I certainly do.

    • Farah Malik says:

      I was also wondering, how come school dinners never get jacket potato anymore?
      I was so nice, especially with melted cheese at the bottom then topped with beans and finally salad or any other toppings.

      • Mrs Shepherd says:

        I am so glad that you enjoy baked potatoes, Farah. It’s one of my favourite lunches too. Please let Mrs Ramsden know when there are meals you would like on the menu more often. We did have jacket potatoes last Friday though – they were delicious!

  60. I Zaman says:

    Dear Mrs Whalley,
    You have been working really hard so mayby you should have a holiday .

  61. K Ahmed says:

    You are the best teacher in Copthorne .I just want to say that you have helped all of us in our lessons. Thank you.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      Thanks, Kaif. All of us really enjoy teaching you and believe that you are all a credit to your families and Copthorne. Keep up the hard work.

  62. I Shah says:

    Dear Mrs Whalley,
    Can year 3 have a sleep over in school ? Can you bring lots of food ? Thank you.

  63. N Nadeem says:

    Mrs Shepherd, we have learnt lots from you. We enjoy lots from your brilliant trips and fun activities. from Nimrah.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      Hello, Nimrah.
      I am pleased that you are learning so much and enjoying all the great experiences that make life at Copthorne so special. Which trips have you particularly enjoyed this year? Have you any ideas for other trips, linked to your Creative Curriculum work, that you would like to go on?

  64. S Farooq1 says:

    Mrs Shepherd and Mr Jacques I have a fabulous idea that Year 6 and Year 3 can have a sleepover.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      That’s a marvellous idea. We already have 2 sleepovers planned, one for Year 6 boys and the other for Year 6 girls, next half term which will be a real experience for everyone. Once we’ve seen how these go we can start introducing them for other year groups from September.

    • Farah Malik says:

      What a coincidence!
      That was exactly what I was thinking

  65. S Khan1 says:

    Dear Mrs Whalley,
    You are the best DHT headteacher we have ever had. Thank you for working at this School so much.

    • S Khan1 says:

      Dear Mr Jacques.Thank you for working at our school. You are a great extra headteacher for our school.You have done a lot of to improve are school.

      • Mr Jacques says:

        I have to say that it has been an absolute pleasure working at Copthorne Primary School this year. The staff and children work so hard to make our school such a brilliant place. Your parents are so supportive of you all and everything we are trying to achieve and everyone has made me feel so welcome. I’m always interested in your views on how things have improved and also on what we can do to make Copthorne an even more special place to learn. I am looking forward to many more years working for you all.

  66. I Zaman says:

    Dear Mrs Shepherd you do work so hard that I was wondering if you would like to have a day or week off school? Also I got through in our class auditions for Copthorne’s Got Talent, so I did it in front of the judges but, sadly, I didn’t get through.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      Thank you for your kind comments. I think all the children and staff work really hard at Copthorne and I am sure that we will enjoy the Spring Bank holiday which is coming up soon.
      I know that you are disappointed about not getting into the semi final of Copthorne’s Got Talent but the competition this year is very strong. You did brilliantly to get through the class auditions. So, keep trying and working hard on your act ready for 2014.

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