3 Responses to Staying Happy & Safe

  1. I Khan2 says:

    To stay happy and safe online, you should not agree to meet up with a stranger that you meet. They could fake their profile and say that they are a boy when they are actually a girl. It is also not safe to meet up with people you don’t know, they could do anything to you. 2. If something like a message or a profile picture upsets you tell a trusted adult and once they have seen what has made you feel uncomfortable, get off the website. Make sure you press the log out button, do not just cross off because anyone who goes on that PC can access your account and do some inappropriate things. E.G message someone bad things then you will get the blame. 3. Don’t post any personal information like your address, your phone number or where you go to school because once you have posted it is and it is very likely that it won’t come off and this means that anyone can see your details. 4. Never give your password to anyone especially people you don’t know. 5. This one is for parents, when your child is online make sure that you supervise them so they don’t go on anything unsafe!

  2. I Islam says:

    Let’s make the internet a better place.

  3. S Akhtar says:

    I know that it is bad to talk to strangers and I learnt that you should tell your mum if you have made an account.

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