9 Responses to Keep Bullying Out!

  1. S Farooq says:

    Bullying is upsetting so the best thing is to keep out of it by telling someone if it ever does happen and be friendly to everyone.

  2. Z khan says:

    Bullying affects your learning because if somebody wants to fight you, you will be thinking about it all through the lesson.

  3. F Malik says:

    Also, bullying can sometimes affect your learning, which means, that if you are being bullied (constantly), then you may be always thinking about it, and miss out important information.
    Even if the bully is in your class, and is giving you nasty facial expressions, then you may be distracted, and miss out that important fact.

  4. Farah Malik says:

    Thank you, Mrs Shepherd.

  5. Farah Malik says:

    I think bullying is like a disease, which means it can be caught by anyone and happen to anyone.

  6. Farah Malik says:

    To me bullying is like a disease, which means that it could affect anyone and be caught by anyone.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      What an interesting thought, Farah. I think you have made a really good point – we can all be affected by bullying and we must all be careful that we are not bullying anyone through the way we behave towards others.

  7. S Ahsan says:

    bullying is unacceptable!

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