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Inside a Mandir

Year 3, I need your help! My friend’s  son has to complete a project about the Mandir (the Hindu place of worship) next week.  He has never beeen to a Mandir before.

Can you try to describe the various features for him so he has an idea what it is like inside. Try to use descriptive words and phrases so that he can create a picture in his mind.




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Your Gurdwara Visit

Year 3, I am really sad that I wasn’t able to come with you on your visit to the Gurdwara the other day.

Mrs Tatham has told me that your behaviour was fantastic so I am very proud of you. She also told me that you found out lots.

Firstly, could you tell me about your new learning on the day. I would like to know about at least two NEW facts that you found out.

Secondly, could you tell me about what you saw. Try to describe different parts the building and tell me about what you did in each place. Remember, I wasn’t there so I will need you to to put a lot of detail in so I can get a good picture in my mind.

Finally, what do you think I would have most enjoyed about the visit if I could have gone.

I can’t wait to read your blogs. Happy blogging from Mrs Shah.

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