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Complete this if you dare!!!

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Inside a Mandir

Year 3, I need your help! My friend’s  son has to complete a project about the Mandir (the Hindu place of worship) next week.  He has never beeen to a Mandir before.

Can you try to describe the various features for him so he has an idea what it is like inside. Try to use descriptive words and phrases so that he can create a picture in his mind.




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‘If I ruled the Copthorne!’

Hello Y4 and welcome to your first ever Copthorne blog.

In our R.E. lessons, we have been studying the rules and laws of different religions. What I would like to know is , if you had to make up rules and laws for your community, what  you would include on your list.

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Hi Year 6. Welcome to your latest blog!

When I was your age, and before I became a teacher, I desperately wanted to become a nurse. I believe it was because I had visited my Grandad in hopspital and was amazed to see such wonderful, dedicated people caring for him. Obviously, I never did fulfill this dream but maybe one day I will.

I have also thought that when I am old (which I am clearly not now!) I would like to work overseas  giving help to those less fortunate than myself.

I’d love to hear what you hope to do for a career when you leave school. You could tell me about who , or what, has inspired you to want to do this job.

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