The Vicious Vikings

For our Creative Curriculum we are going to learn all about the Vikings.

What do you already know about them?  What would you like to know?

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6 Responses to The Vicious Vikings

  1. D Mohammed says:

    Miss Bradley, I liked learning about the Vikings because you found
    out a lot about how the Vikings lived and how they survived .
    I learnt an interesting fact like little babies were given a Thor’s
    Hammer to keep them away from diseases and evil spirits.

  2. A Mahmood2 says:

    Dear Miss Bradley,
    I like learning about
    Vikings because I
    get to know all
    about the old days. FROM ALEEA MAHMOOD

  3. L Macy says:

    Miss Bradley,
    I am enjoying learning about the Vikings.
    I found out that Viking means sea pirate.
    Who was the king of Vikings?

  4. H Hussain says:

    Viking means sea pirate. The Vikings invaded England in 793, they came here to have more land to farm on.
    Vikings had 10 boats with 30 warriors in each boat.
    When a Viking was in a family the eldest son had to build a farm and the youngest son had to find a farm.
    The Vikings came from Sweden, Norway and Demark.
    When the children turned 5 they had to go an other family.
    Boys had to work with their dad and girls helped the mother at home.

  5. U Saddique says:

    I have learn about Vikings, that if a Viking child was weak it would be thrown out into the sea or been left out to die. I would want to learn about, if the girls had to leave the land or just boys?

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