Visit to Nell Bank

Last week when we went to Nell Bank we had a lovely time. What did you enjoy the most and what did you learn?


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5 Responses to Visit to Nell Bank

  1. A Mahmood2 says:

    Dear Miss Bradley,
    I learnt all about animals and all about their habitats. Also we got to look at mini-beasts.
    I loved the trip to Nell bank because it was really fun and we got to squirt water on the roof and play in the
    water play and go fishing.
    Also I loved it when we got to go out in the rain and do the adventure play.


  2. E Druskina says:

    I learnt lots at Nell bank. I liked it when we went to the park and the pond. There were lots of creatures in the woods.

  3. A Nauman says:

    In Nell bank I enjoyed the playground. The best bit was the dark tunnel. I also enjoyed when I was finding the creatures from the pond. From Malaika malik

  4. M Rafiq says:

    I enjoyed playing the habitat trailing with Talha at nell bank. by Raza

  5. F Khan2 says:

    I enjoyed Nell bank because it was fun when we were pond dipping. I loved the park there were loads of activities. From Fatima

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