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Monday 7th December 2015

Hello everyone and a very warm welcome to our blog.  Our Christmas celebrations, followed by the school holidays will soon be upon us. Please see below the arrangements for the rest of this half term.

Closure of rear gate/playground

Unfortunately, as you are aware, there is a growing build-up of mud leading into the back playground from the Alexandra Street entrance.  This is due to the constant movement of construction traffic combined with the effects of on-going poor weather conditions.  In spite of the construction staff’s best efforts, it is proving very difficult to keep the levels of mud under control.

In response to your concerns, therefore, we have made the decision to keep the gate on Alexandra St permanently locked from tomorrow, Friday 4th December.  Families living at the back of school will still be able to access school through the MUGA pitch and the rear gate.

We hope that this will drastically reduce the issues caused by mud and thank you, once again, for your continued support.  I would also like to request that, if you have any concerns related to the building work, you contact the school office rather than the construction site staff.  We will ensure that your concerns are passed on through the correct channels.

Early Essence WorkshopImage result for nursery parent workshop copyright free

On Wednesday 9th December, we will be holding two Early Essence workshops for Nursery parents between 9-10am and 12pm-1pm.  Early Essence is the tool we use to create your child’s personal learning journey. At the workshop you will be given your own personal login for Early Essence, a booklet to help you use it at home and be shown how to access and use the site.

This is a very special and important time for you and your child as they start their education.  By using your login to access your child’s ‘Learning Journey’, you will be able to see how they are learning at school.  You can add to the ‘Learning Journey’ by uploading photographs and comments to tell us the lovely things you have done at home to help their development.

Christmas Events at CopthorneImage result for christmas images copyright free

During the week commencing Monday 14th December, the following events will be taking place in school for our children. 

Monday 14th December: Magical Monday: Wear a crown or tiara like one of the 3 kings.  All children will watch a pantomime ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

Tuesday 15th December: Tinsel Tuesday: Wear something sparkly e.g. a piece of tinsel.  

 Wednesday 16th December: Wrapping Paper Wednesday: Wear a paper hat made from wrapping paper.  Children will be having their Christmas lunch today. If your child does not usually have a school lunch but would like a Christmas dinner then please order this through the school office by Friday 11th December. Thank you.

Thursday 17th December: Trimmings Thursday: Decorate yourself with a Christmas bauble or tree decoration.  Please avoid those baubles which may shatter!

 The school Nativity plays will take place today at 9.15am and 2pm.  This year our Nursery Children will be leading this production.  Parents, carers and family members are invited to come along to watch what I am sure will be a lovely performance.

Friday 18th December: Festive Friday:  This will be a non-uniform day. Wear your party clothes or a Christmas jumper for our Christmas celebrations.

Wishing you a wonderful week.

Mrs Shepherd



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Monday 30th November 2015

Hello and welcome to another week at Copthorne.  How quickly this year is going by, I cannot believe we are going to be in the month of December this week.  Please see below for events that are happening in school this week.

This week at Copthorne

Year 5 Visit to Leeds City MuseumImage result for leeds city museum

On Tuesday 1st December, 5 willow will be travelling to Leeds City Museum as part of their Copthorne Curriculum theme ‘Age of Empires’. Whilst at the Museum, the children will be taking part in Ancient Greek workshops as well as handling artifacts and exploring the galleries.  I know the children will learn lots of interesting facts while visiting the museum.


KS2 Boccia CompetitionImage result for boccia images for children copyright free

Mr A Khan will be taking a group of KS2 children to Grange Technology to take part in a Boccia competition.  Boccia is a game that is similar to bowls and is an all inclusive sport.  The children have been practising very hard and we wish them the very best of luck.  Go Copthorne!


White Scar Caves – Year 3Image result for white scar caves copyright free

3 Alder will be visiting White Scar Caves at Ingleton on Wednesday 2nd December.  This visit has been arranged to link in in with the science and Copthorne Curriculum topic ‘Rocks and the Stone Age’. The children will be exploring in caves and also looking at difference types of features such as stalagmites and stalactites.  I am sure the children will have a fantastic day.

York’s Chocolate StoryImage result for York chocolate story images copyright free

As part of their curriculum, Year 6 are learning about Ancient Maya.  We have organised a visit to York’s Chocolate Story on Thursday 3rd December where they will participate in an educational workshop.  This will give the children a unique insight into the Mayan civilisation for whom chocolate was an integral part of life.  I hope the children have a fantastic day and hopefully they may bring the rest of school a treat back – in the form of chocolate of course!

Events for your diary

Nursery Parents’ Workshop – Wednesday 9th December, 9-10am and 12-1pm

I hope you have a lovely week

Mrs Shepherd



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Monday 23rd November 2015

Hello everyone and I hope you have had a restful weekend and have managed to keep warm now that the weather has turned chilly!

Children in NeedImage result for children in need images

I am delighted to inform you that the total amount raised for BBC Children in Need was £518.13.  Thank you, as always, for your generousity and kindness shown for this wonderful worthwhile charity.

This week at Copthorne

Closure of back playground – Tuesday 24th November, 2015

Unfortunately, due to the delivery of building supplies for our new 2 year-old building, we have no alternative but to close the back playground again on Tuesday 24th November.  The only access into school on Tuesday will be through the entrance on All Saints Road.  Please could parents and children follow the routines that were put in place when the playground was closed last time. 

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and also for the state of the pathways around the side of school.  We have experienced very poor weather lately, thus making the paths very muddy.  The contractors are aware of this and are currently in the process of making the paths more accessible. 

Once again, please accept our apologies and thank you for your continued support.

Year 1 Multi Sports ActivityImage result for children exercising copyright free

Several of our Year 1 children will be participating in a multi sports activity at Grange Technology College on Monday along with other local primary school children.  During the activities pupils will be using skills like running, catching, jumping and balancing. I am sure the children will have a fun time as well as getting lots of exercise.

Year 6 visit to Buddha LandImage result for Buddhist images for children copyright free

On Monday  and Wednesday this week, Year 6 children will be visiting Buddha Land.  The visit has been arranged as part of the children’s learning in RE and in order to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum.  During the visit the children will have the opportunity to listen to a talk about Buddhism, through which they will learn about the life of Buddha, his teachings and modern day Buddhist way of life.  This will happen within a real Buddhist setting which includes a meditation room and Buddhist statues.  I hope the children find this visit very informative and factful.

 4 Poplar visit to Cartwright Hall

Image result for David Hockney images for children copyright free

We have arranged for the children in 4 Poplar to visit the David Hockney exhibition at Cartwright Hall on Tuesday.  This visit is part of the children’s linking schools experience.  They will spend the day with children from All Saints Primary School in Ilkley.  At the exhibition there will be various art related workshops which will provide our children with the opportunity to develop social and team building skills.  Have a great day Year 4!

 Year 3 at Forest Schools

Image result for stone age images for children copyright free

On Tuesday and Wednesday, groups of children in Year 3 will be going to St Ives in Bingley with Mrs Robinson as part of the Forest Schools project.  They will be taking part in stone age activities such as pretending to be hunter gatherers, making replica spears and lighting fires to cook on. This visit forms part of their Copthorne Curriculum and will be a valuable experience for the children.  I know that the children will have a fantastic time.

I hope you have a lovely week.

Mrs Shepherd







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