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24 Responses to Copthorne’s Website and Moodle

  1. I Shah says:

    Could you put some more quizzes on to the blog? That would be also cool.

  2. I Shah says:

    This is the best school ever.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      What a lovely comment. Thank you. I agree – Copthorne is a wonderful school full of wonderful children.

  3. I Shah says:

    I really like the new blog its fantastic.

  4. U Ahmed says:

    Excellent new blog Mrs Shepherd!!!

  5. Sophiya Islam says:

    I love the websites! :):):):):):):)

  6. Hamzah Shafiq says:

    Miss Shepherd this website is really cool for kids, full of information and questions just for kids and the thing I liked the most about Y5 is our Creative curriculum: Victoria (Queen Victoria),Vampires and also Villains. Our previous Creative topic was: Spices, Silk and Saris (Which was all about India).

  7. Subhaan says:

    Lets see what I would like on the school blog… Well I would like some minigames like a quiz. We could make it really hard and do some random things like year 4 things to see if we remember or topics when we started year 5 like the Taj Mahal. We could make a box where you type you answer, not choose from three.

    The features of an interesting blog are: a heading, subheading, pictures, comments for feedback, comment box and make sure its colourful.

    • Farah Malik says:

      Also, we could have pictures of teachers, and which class they work in, and what subject they really like. We could include this in a new folder name ” Teachers”.

  8. Farah Malik says:

    Amazing blog!
    I really like the fact that it is all presented in a welcoming way.

  9. pwincess101 says:

    I love Copthorne Primary School Moodle.

  10. M Usaama says:

    Excellent blog!
    Like it!

  11. A Batool says:

    Mrs Shepherd, I love the website. Thank you for this website that you have put on.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      I am so pleased that you are enjoying the blog and website. Thank you for taking the time to tell me.

  12. S Fatima says:

    This new copthorne blog is cool & awesome.

  13. N Azeem says:

    Really good.

  14. A Razak says:

    Really good!

  15. M Pandor says:

    I love the new blog: it’s great! 😀

  16. S Khan1 says:

    I think the website is great beacause you can talk to people and Know what is happening about the school.

  17. I Shah says:

    Dear Mrs Shepherd, this website is so much fun. I love this website. Isra

  18. A Azam says:

    I think I enjoy this website because it is so much fun!

  19. U Ahmed says:

    This much easier than going onto the Internet again.

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