Year 4 Habitats

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  1. Miss S Wood says:

    I am really glad you liked the website! You have obviously learnt lots of things from it, which really helped you in science today too. Why do you think most nocturnal animals live in forests and woods?
    Miss Wood

  2. W Ali says:

    Mrs Tatham these are the things that I learnt:
    1. Habitat means your home or where you live.
    2.Each and every animal has diffrent habitats.
    3.Some animals like water spiders and Myphly nimphs live in the water.
    4.Most of the animals which are nocturnal live in woods and forests.
    5. I can name 5 habitats and they are the woods,pond,farmlands,parks or out in the towns.
    Thank you

  3. W Ali says:

    I visited the website and I have learnt lots of things. Thank you

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