Everything you need to know about the country of Egypt.

In class today we will be finding out about the country of Egypt. When you have  carried out some research and found some facts, I would like you to write some comments to teach visitors to our site all about the weather, landscape, human and physical features.

Enjoy your research! I can’t wait to read your blogs.

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12 Responses to Everything you need to know about the country of Egypt.

  1. A Batool says:

    In the picture,I can see the blue sea and there is a big shadow of the light brown black,mountains.

  2. M Khan says:

    Egyptians used conopic jars to put mummies brains, lungs and lots more in . The parts all went in different canonic jars but the heart didn’t because its important.

  3. Admin says:

    The buildings and mosques in Egypt are man made. Things like sand,sea,palm trees,and animals are physical features.In April the temp is 35 degrees.

    by Hanzalah

  4. Admin says:

    In Egypt the temperature is 41 degrees so it is warm. It is boiling hot compared to England. Sometime it is a bit windy but sunny. The city of Aswan it is really, really hot . You can find water at the river but it will be really salty. The city Cairo is a massive place where people ride on camels and some people ride donkeys. Children help old ladies on their house work to raise money.There are buildings
    such Mosques in Egypt. They are human features because they were made by humans.

    from Jawad and Edgar

  5. Admin says:

    Egypt is a vey hot country. The cities in Egypt are very busy. Egypt has lots of wide and long rivers. Most of the mountains are black and pale sandy colours.
    In the city there are many twisty roads. They were built by humans. There are many tall buildings where people work.
    In the deserts there are many pyramids and every thing is quite yellow and gold. Also there are many palm trees dropping coconuts.
    In parts of Egypt there are some blue cliffs. I personally think one of the rocks looks like a cat.
    There are some hotels that were made by man so they are human features. There are many houses that are flat because it does not rain. Also there are farms where some people get food from.

  6. Admin says:

    Egypt is a country in Africa. The sea near by is called the Mediterranean Sea.The most famous river in Egypt is named the river Nile.The capital of Egypt is Cairo.In Egypt the sea is a physical feature.The cliffs are also physical and the pyramids are too. The buildings are man made.

    by Kaif Ali 4 Poplar

  7. A Sajid says:

    Egypt is very hot country and has lots of pyramids. It also has palm trees . In Egypt there are lots of cities and there are big buildings. The temperature in Egypt is 41 degrees in July and in London in the same month its 21 degrees.The buildings were built by humans. The cliffs were made by God so they are physical features and the grass was made by god as well. In Egypt in the ocean are big waves . In the town of Egypt it is very busy and there are lots of people there.

    Anam and Ikrah

  8. A Ahmed says:

    There are pyramids in the middle of the desert and some people think that a pyramid called the Illinati should be worshipped. I think thats ok because thats what they think. I don’t i think you should worship Allah.

  9. A Ahmed says:

    There is a mosque in Egypt and it is crowded with people.

  10. A Ahmed says:

    In Egypt the temperature is 35 degrees. In Bradford the temperature is 10 degrees so it is colder.

  11. A Ahmed says:

    In our opinion this photo is the River Nile. I can see the blue sky , the bright sun shining and a sandy mountain with trees on the mountains. By Aadam Ahmed and Ahmed Nadeem

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