The Vicious Vikings

The Vicious Vikings

Welcome Year 3. As you know, you are studying the Vikings this term. I have had a search for some safe websites to support your learning. Have a look at these sites by clicking on the clip art images.


Please write to me and tell me about your new learning. Use and apply your fabulous reading skills to help you.    



Mrs Tatham

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  1. U Riffaquat says:

    To Mrs Tatham,
    Learning about the Vikings is amazing because they did cool stuff . The Vikings were great
    fighters . Your websites are so fab. I feel like going on the blog every single day, that’s
    how cool the websites are. The facts about the Vikings on the blog are amazing. FROM Ubaidullah

  2. S Tahir says:

    Dear Mrs Tatham- In 793AD the vikings attacked the christian monastery and killed all the holy monks.
    by Sadiya. T

  3. N Nadeem says:

    Norweigen vikings sailed across the ocean from Iceland and Greenland. About 1000 vikings sailed to North America
    and started a settlement though it did not last long.
    By Abid and Nimrah

  4. I Elahie says:

    Dear Miss Tatham-here is my new learning.
    The name viking came from a language called old norse .
    from Ibrahim

  5. A Ahmed1 says:

    Dear Mrs Tatham . I have found three facts about the Vikings and here are the facts.

    1.Fromabout ad 900 vikings ruled the north of Scotland..

    2. The Viking areas in east and northern England became known as the Danelaw..

    3. In 793 AD the Vikings atacked the Christian monastery in North Cumbria.

    from Aqeel and Khubayb.

  6. S Salem1 says:

    Vikings had to prepare for journeys because they were dangerous . They had written instructions .The Vikings also settled in Northern Scotland and Eastern England

  7. H Memi1 says:

    Dear Mrs Tatham,
    Here is what I leaned today .
    Ymir,Thor, Odin and Freya were all gods and goddesses. I also learnt that in he Viking time King Alfred ruled England.
    By H.Memi

  8. I Zaman says:

    Dear Mrs Tatham – here is our new learning
    1. The Vikings were from Norway, Sweden and Denmark .
    2. The Vikings were farmers
    3. The Vikings settled in England .
    by Imaan and Shawaiz .

  9. I Elahie says:

    Dear Mrs Tatham-here is my new learning.
    The viking age in European history was about ad 700AD to 1100AD.

  10. J Khan says:

    Dear Mrs Tatham-here is my new learning
    1. The Vikings also settled in isle man.
    2. In Ad 787 three vikings ships landed in Southern England.
    3 . The Vikings had names for their Gods.

    by Jazib

  11. N Nadeem says:

    The Vikings came from three countries of Scandanavia. They were from Demark, Norway and Sweden. The name Vikings comes from a language called old norse.
    by Nimrah and Abid.

  12. I Elahie says:

    Dear Miss Tatham,
    My new learning is that the Vikings captured the northern English city of York in 866AD

  13. N Nadeem says:

    Dear Mrs Tatham,
    Here is our new learning.
    The Vikings attacked the christian monastery at Lindisfarne in Northumbria.
    A viking robber did not think twice about robbing a Christians church.

    • Mrs P Tatham says:

      Why do you think the Vikings thought that it was alright to steal from churches? Can you find out?
      From Mrs Tatham

  14. S Khan1 says:

    To Mrs Tatham.Thank you for your hardwork.I have learnt a lot of
    things about the Vikings.I know that they were great builders and
    that they come from 3 countries . Sweden,Norway and

  15. F Ahmed1 says:

    The vikings age in european history was about AD 700 to 1100.
    During this period, many vikings left Scandinavia and travelled to other countries such as Britain and Ireland.
    Some went to fight and steal treasure.
    Others settled in new lands as farmers, craftsman or traders.

    • Admin says:

      Wow! Some really interesting facts. You have worked hard. Did you learn some new facts from our website?
      from Mrs Tatham

  16. M Arfan says:

    Thank you Mrs Tatham. I have learned lots of things about the vikings like where they have come from. Places like Denmark , Norway and Sweden with other facts.
    From Hassan.

  17. S Rehman says:

    Dear Mrs Tatham. Good job for all your hard work. I have learnt new things about the Vikings like they eat pig and cow.
    I am happy to learn about the Vikings.

  18. F Ahmed says:

    Dear MrsTatham…….
    I love the teacher of this game.

  19. A Mahmood says:

    Dear Mrs Tatham
    I love the games you have setup for us and I have learnt lots of things . I would like more things on website.

  20. M Arfan says:

    Dear Mrs Tatham, I have learned a lot of things like where they were from.

  21. H Ahmad says:

    Dear Mrs Tatham
    This website is good because the sites have lots of information.I want to learn where did the vikings invade Britain .I have learned about where did the vikings lived. They lived in Denmark and Norway and Sweden I loved the games.They were good games and there were lovely.

  22. A Ul Haque says:

    I leant that Vikings were also named norsemen. They invaded Britain because they needed more room for their farms.

  23. F Ahmed1 says:

    Dear Mrs Tatham
    I liked this website because I learnt lots about Vikings.
    One of the things are that vikings of ladies wore long dresses.

  24. A Khan1 says:

    Dear Mrs Tatham ,
    I have learnt lots about vikings because of your really fun games. Can you put up more games so we can have some fun? Today I have learnt that when they go on trips they have to take spare clothes and spare food and that they have shops that sell jewellery.

  25. M Iqbal2 says:

    Dear Mrs Tatham,
    I am writing to tell you about the blog it is fantastic. On the second picture you can play a game it is called Dig It Up. It is fun and it has something to do with the Vikings. I did not know that Vikings played football and they were fantactic builders. THANK YOU

    • Admin says:

      you are so welcome. Am glad that it is helping you with your learning. if you learn anything else new, please let me know about it.
      Mrs Tatham.

  26. U Khan3 says:

    Dear Mrs Tatham,
    Good job for all your good work. I have learnt lots more about vikings.I have learnt that vikings were fantastic at building houses and in their spare time they knitted.

  27. U Riffaquat says:

    Mrs Tatham,
    I know how the Vikings made a fire. They used to strike a piece of iron on flint to make a spark. Then a fire came.

  28. M Farooq says:

    Dear Mrs Tatham
    This blog page was very good because i have leant a lot of information..

  29. K Alam says:

    Dear Mrs Paula Tatham ,
    I have learnt that the Vikings wore horns on their helmets before they do battles. In their houses they make a hole for the smoke to go out. I am looking forward for more games
    I think the blog is good because it gives people knowledge and information.

  30. A Malik says:

    Thank you miss for putting these websites. I know about vikings and where they lived. They lived in Sweden,Denmark and Norway.I really liked the game on bbc Vikings .Its called dig up. I didnt like the quiz because it only had 3 questions.

    • Admin says:

      Maybe you could think of some questions and we could put them on the blog for people to answer.
      Mrs Tatham.

  31. B Sami says:

    Thank you Mrs Tatham for putting up this website so we can all read this. I have learnt that the Viking men were tunics and trousers and women wore a long dress with a pinfore under it. Also I have learnt that Vikings took over Britain and they lived in small parts of Wales. They came from Sweden, Norway and Denmark. .They ate meat and fresh bread.

    • Admin says:

      Lots of learning here. I can’t wait until you research this theme more.
      From Mrs Tatham.

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