Inside a Mandir

Year 3, I need your help! My friend’s  son has to complete a project about the Mandir (the Hindu place of worship) next week.  He has never beeen to a Mandir before.

Can you try to describe the various features for him so he has an idea what it is like inside. Try to use descriptive words and phrases so that he can create a picture in his mind.




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  1. A Musadqah says:

    Yes I do Mrs Shepherd. It represnts all the Sikhs.

  2. F Ahmed says:

    In the Hindu temple there 7 statues. They wear lots and lots of nice jewellery around their necks.

    • A Musadqah says:

      In the Mandir there is a lovely red backround that looks like big and short curtains.You will also find one gold statue with loads of garlands around its neck. The statue will even have two beautful flowers on the side of it. love from Aminah Musadqah 3 Alder!!!!!!

      • Mrs Shepherd says:

        Hello Aminah,
        You obviously enjoyed your trip to the Mandir. Do you know who the statue represents? It all sounds really interesting and I hope that I can go for visit myself.
        Mrs Shepherd

  3. A Usman says:

    To Adam.
    Don’t worry I’ll tell you lots of information. In the prayer hall you pray and there are 7calls and yellow
    fairy lights. Also there are juicy apples and nice decorations.The elephant god is called Ganesh: he has a long trunk
    and there is a other small prayer room where the congregation read.

  4. R Azeem says:

    Dear Adam,
    Outside a Mandir you will find ribbon at the top anda red flag which is called a Dhaja.

    At the bottom of the Madar you will find Hindu writing with flowers at the sides of the writing.

  5. E Hussain says:

    Adam, when you enter the Hindu Mandir and you look at the ceiling you will see beautiful patterns and designs. You will see the elephant god Ganesh-people put flowers around Ganesh. Ganesh has a massive trunk. He’s so massive, he’s bigger than a human – he’s as big as four humans. Also you’ll see people singing their prayers from their holy book (Jeeta) into a microphone in front of lots and lots of people. In another place in the Mandir you’ll see the gods and prashad (fruits and vegetables) . Eisa Hussain 3 Alder

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      There is some very interesting information here, Eisa. I am sure that Adam will find it very useful. Thank you for taking the time to put this on the blog.
      Mrs Shepherd

  6. A Yameen says:

    Adam, I will tell you all about the Mandir. There is a room with an elephent god (Ganesh) – he is a male. People bring him fruit and he has a long trunk. Ganesh is huge: he has four arms. He has shiny gold jewellery. He wears a long skirt. Ganesh has a lovely crown and some golden, shiny tiles around him with some decorations.

    by Anisa and Umar.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      Hello Anisa and Umar,
      Thanks for this information for Adam – it sounds as though you really enjoyed your trip to the Mandir.
      What else did you find out about during your visit?

      Mrs Shepherd

  7. B Sami says:

    There are 7 gods and they are wearing precious jewellery around their neck and hands. These are in the prayer hall. Also they have golden lovely tiles too. Did you know that friut is all around them lights? The fruit is given by the people who visit the Mandir. In their hands the statues are holding arrows. Around their necks they have golden necklaces given by Hindus. There are lots of colourful lights to show the gods vision. In front of the gods are scented flowers which are given as gifts.
    love Bushra and Kaif

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      Hello Bushra and Kaif, thanks for your blog post which is full of very interesting information. Did you find out the names of any of the gods other than Ganesh during your visit?
      Mrs Shepherd

  8. Mu Iqbal says:

    Dear Adam, inside the Mandir there is a large room with a large elephant.That elephant’s name is Ganash. It is beautiful and multi- coloured and has jewellery and a crown on top of its head because it’s a god. It also has a flower necklace around its neck. It has a gold and pink backround. People put presents around the god to remember him. The god has his arms out and is holding a plate of fruit. The god is sitting on a giant chair stuck to the wall. It is wearing a nice long dress and has a little beautiful pattern on his forehead. It has large ears and the trunk of the elephant is inside the long beautifull dress. .From Muneeb and Shamima

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      Hello Muneeb and Shamima,
      I have enjoyed reading your blog post about your visit. Your description of Ganesh is very detailed. What else did you see there?
      Mrs Shepherd

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