Felix Baumgartner

In English we are currently researching Felix Baumgartner and his amazing skydive from space.


In less than 100 words write some of the facts that you have found out about Felix, show your knowledge and use technical and higher level vocabulary.

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  1. A Ayaz says:

    Felix Baumgartner is a famous base jumper. His most famous jump is 24 miles above the earth in space! His mentor joeseph kittenger also did a similar jump but the difference is that joe did a 20 mile jump. Felix is 43 years old and born in Austria. Some of his jumps were illegal as he did not have permission to jump from some of the tallests buildings in the world. His famous quote (from when he jumped) is ” sometimes you have to get up really high to realise how small you really are.” Felix baumgartner is very brave!

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