Aspiration Week


Aspiration Week starts on the 16th June and we want to know what your aspirations for the future are.

Is there a job you would really like to do? Is there a person you really admire and aspire to follow in their footsteps? Which skills do they have? What did they have to do to achieve their dream?

Post your ideas and comments below.

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3 Responses to Aspiration Week

  1. A Ayaz says:

    If I someone who I look upto it would be the
    late Princess Diana because she was a very
    kind and charitable but if i wanted a job it
    would be to own a renowned buisness so
    I could give money daily to charities I can
    trust and that need the money.

  2. H Nelson says:

    A really thoughtful comment Farah, I think you would make a fantastic nurse or doctor 🙂

  3. F Malik says:

    The job I would really want to do is either becoming a nurse, or a brain surgeon. My mother, currently working as a nurse, has inspired me to have an interest in it. I have always thought that following in her footsteps can also make me a respectful and caring person towards others.

    The skills my mother has used are never giving up, determination, but most of all, perseverance. She had to go through tough stages, but she knew that when she comes to the end of the journey, that she’ll look back and think, ” All of that was so worth it!”

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