Vicious Vikings


Hello 3 Alder

You now know what our new topic is this term.

Can you remember which country the Vikings came from?

What would you like to know about the Vikings? Can you think of 3 questions?

I look forward to reading your questions Mrs Shah

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4 Responses to Vicious Vikings

  1. S Majid says:

    The Vikings came from three countries, They fought the local people . The vikings attaked the christians monastary.
    By Rahim K and Saram.

    • S Majid says:

      Dear Mrs Tatham-here is our new learning.
      1) The vikings came from three countries .
      They fought the local people and ran away.
      The vikings attacked the chrisitan monastary to kill the people inside.
      from Rahim and Sara.

      • Admin says:

        Well done on your fact finding. As your topic progresses, please tell me some more about your new learning.
        From Mrs Tatham.

    • Admin says:

      I enjoyed reading your 3 facts. an you find out why the Vikings attacked the monasteries ?

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