AMAZING MATHS WEBSITES 


                         KS1 & KS2  Games                                                Mixed age

  Click on these icons to be taken to some brilliant Maths areas. Some of these have been created by other primary schools ( Woodlands Junior School and Coxhoe Primary School) and are well worth a visit.

Let me know how you get on and which sites or games you would recommend.


The  games below will help you learn your multiplication and division facts.

They also contain a range of other games.


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6 Responses to Numeracy

  1. M Pandor says:

    I have been on all the games. They’re all great! 😀

  2. N Nadeem says:

    These games are so cool.Dowe have to download them?

  3. L Afsar says:

    Cool maths games. I really enjoy them because they are fun thanks.

    • Admin says:

      I am so glad that you enjoy them. Please can you encourage your friends to visit the games.
      Mrs Tatham .

  4. N Kauser says:

    They are really good games to play so I thank you who ever put the games on.

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