Ancient Egyptian Weblinks

  Welcome to Ancient Egypt  

Click on any of the images . They will take you to some super (and safe) websites.

You can use these to carry out your own research and then you could share  some of your new learning with others by posting it as a comment.


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15 Responses to Ancient Egyptian Weblinks

  1. M Khan says:

    I have looked at all the websites and they gives lots of information about the Ancient Egyptians lives and how they lived and lots more.

    • Mrs P Tatham says:

      I’m glad that you like them. if you find any more great websites , and you want me to add them, please let me know.

  2. A Razak says:

    I know lots about Egypt.

  3. O Khan1 says:

    What I found out about Ancient Egypt was that they had children’s tombs as well.

    • Admin says:

      Please tell me more details about this new learning. Where were the tombs? Were tombs only for special children?

  4. T Rehman says:

    Taseen’s big brother says it is a good website.

  5. A Ali says:

    I think that Egypt is going to be really great fun to learn about because in my opinion, what I have learnt about so far is making it more exciting to learn about!

    • Admin says:

      I am really pleased to hear that you are enjoying your learning so much. I would love it if you could tell me about you new learning because you had a visiting teacher yesterday.

      Mrs Tatham.

  6. W Ali says:

    I really like the look of the web sites and I have read a few. I can’t wait to learn about Ancient Egypt it will be fun.

    • Mrs P Tatham says:

      After looking at the sites you will have some idea what you would like to study. Please give you teacher some ideas as it will help her to know what you would like to learn about.
      I will check to see if you have been able to add some . Have fun!

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