What is the probability of Liverpool winning the Premiership?

You need to use the language of probability and also explain your answer.

I’m looking forward to reading your replies!

Mr Sandhu

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3 Responses to Probability

  1. isa mahmood says:

    the propobilty is impossible because Manchester city have won

  2. saffa ashraf says:

    It is likely that Liverpool will win the premiership because they have won the past few matches that they played

  3. iftikar says:

    I think the probability of Liverpool winning the premiership is unlikely because they had a match a match with Crystal Palace and the score was three all ,they had to win that match but they didn’t. Although they lost to Crystal Palace they have a strong team but I don’t think they can win it.They have three in 10 chances of winning I think,they will soon have a match against I think its Norwich,so hopefully they will lose.(I don’t like Liverpool)

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