Internet Safety

             Safer Internet Day 2014

                              Tuesday 11th February.

                             How do you stay safe online? 

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34 Responses to Internet Safety

  1. F Malik says:

    If you wouldn’t say anything to another persons face, do not say it online!

  2. F Malik says:

    Personal photos should not reveal information so that people know where you live, or which school you go to.

  3. F Malik says:

    Try to add people who you know in real life, if you do, then do not tell them your personal details, for example, your address, your phone number, your age or even your full name.

  4. F Malik says:

    Always remember that a ’12 year old girl’ can easily be a 50 year old man or woman.

  5. F Malik says:

    Never respond to rude or threatening messages or posts.

  6. F Malik says:

    Never ever open emails from a person whom you do not know.

  7. F Malik says:

    Do not fill out forms without your parent’s permission.

  8. F Malik says:

    If you see something inappropriate on a website, log it off and tell a trusted adult.

  9. F Malik says:

    Respect other people’s views of things. Even if you do not agree with their opinion, do not be rude.

  10. F Malik says:

    Use privacy settings to decide whether strangers nor friends should be allowed to see your profile.

  11. H Nelson says:

    Six Sycamore, these comments are great!

  12. F Malik says:

    Also, you should keep your password confidential and try not to make it an easy word, if you do, anybody can hack your account.

  13. S Farooq says:

    If you are worried about anything, you shouldn’t just keep it in. It will get worse so let an adult know.

  14. A Siddique says:


  15. R Mohammed says:

    Block people you don’t know and ask your parents’ permission before you go online.

  16. M Usaama says:

    I feel very safe on the internet now because I know what to do.

  17. S Farooq says:

    Never accept anyone’s friend request if you dont know them.
    You shouldn’t even meet up with anyone unless you take an adult with you.

    • H Nelson says:

      Yes girls, it is really important to keep your passwords safe and difficult to guess and make sure you know who you are talking to online. If in doubt, talk to an adult you trust.

  18. Farah Malik says:

    Also, try not to give away any passwords, anybody can hack into your account and say nasty things to somebody else.

  19. M Usaama says:

    Use SMART!
    Safe,Meet,Accept,Reliable and tell

  20. Farah Malik says:

    Never post any personal details, or any pictures, as it will stay on the internet for a VERY long time.

  21. Farah Malik says:

    You should stay away from unsuitable websites, and if someone is trying to make contact with you, do not give away personal details!

  22. Raees says:

    Don’t talk to strangers!

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