Persephone: Villain or Victim?


So what do you think? Could our ‘heroine’ be interpreted in a different way? Could it be that she was the villain in this story?


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6 Responses to Persephone: Villain or Victim?

  1. Hamzah Shafiq says:

    Hello Mr Sandhu now I realized your question is; Persephone a villain or victim. Well at first I think she is a victim because the god of the underworld and fire used her and he gave her some pomegranate however, it went all wrong it went all wrong he tricked and was supposed to gave her 1 instead he gave her 4 which meant that she had to stay with him for 4 years! But, the thing is that a love arrow went into Hades by mistake when instead it was supposed to go into Hera and because it went into Hades he also started being nice to her and made her evil and Zeus’s wife Hera wanted her back as soon as possible but because she wanted to stay with Hades she froze all the land with snow so nobody could worship them! So bye sir have a good day and I will see you on Monday.

  2. ayesha says:

    In my opinion I think that persphone is a victim because she ate the promegrants from Hades.
    Also I think she likes to stay with hades because I think she likes him.

    I think


    I think Persephone is a victim because she was loving and caring for others but Hades made her eat a pomegranate so she could fall in love with him. So she ate the pomegranate and she turned evil and had to stay with Hades for 4 months.

    So, she wasn’t always evil she only turned evil because she spent time with Hades and because she ate the pomegranate.

    • Mrs Shepherd says:

      I like the way you have expressed your opinion, Jawad. Did Persephone actually become evil? How do you know?

  4. Anam says:

    I think Persephone is a victim because when she got kidnaped by Hades she was scared and she didn’t want to marry him and she even ate pomegranate. She could be a villain and fake it to be a queen and rule the underworld.

  5. S Afsar says:

    I think that Persephone is a villain because when she ate the pomegranate seeds she would have wanted to stay with Hades, the underworld god . Also, I think that she did it on purpose on eating the seeds and staying with Hades not her mum, Demeter.

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