The Highwayman

I hope you have all had a nice weekend!

Your challenge is to present 15 Highwayman facts in the form of a poster or booklet.

Below are some websites to help get you started:

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5 Responses to The Highwayman

  1. Sophiya Islam says:

    Thanks for correcting my name 🙂

  2. A Sandhu says:

    I mean Sophiya!

  3. Hamzah Shafiq says:

    A Highwayman is a person who rides on a horse and shoots anybody who comes and will rob them. They were so brave, they would even ambush a carriage. However, this isn’t a good thing or a nice thing to do!

    Also, there are different highwaymen. I’ll name two: Dick Turpin and Robin hood.

    There is a poem written by Alfred Noyes where a highwayman loves Bess, a landlord’s daughter. At the moment, we’re learning about it in Y5. The highwayman gets shot by King George’s men in the end. How sad…

  4. A Sandhu says:

    Questions to think about:
    1) What is a Highwayman?
    2) Can you name any famous Highwaymen? Why were they particularly famous?
    3) In which century did Highwaymen work?
    4) What kind of men became Highwaymen?
    5) What does incarcerated mean?
    6) Where was Dick Turpin incarcerated?

  5. A Sandhu says:

    Well done to Sophia who was the first to complete this challenge!

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